Jan Byers



“My interest in art is to continually explore the impact of colour, light and shapes in compositions using various media.”

2017_Active_badge-smGrowing up in rural south western Ontario, I have memories of watching rolling terrain with pockets of trees reflected in brilliant sunsets. I was always interested in art, enjoying sketching, painting and reading about various artists; however, my life took a different path with a 36 year nursing career, raising a family, and relocations/travels with my husband’s work in Ontario, Edmonton, Calgary, the US and north Africa.

At 38 years I returned to university, and, at the same time, pursued my interest with art options. I prefer to paint landscape and still life in acrylic and water colour. Viewing trees in a unique moment of light, catching a glimpse of color laden clouds in the early morning sunrise, or watching a storm approach on the horizon. These are special moments that I try to capture, along with the feelings that the colors and shapes elicit. I continue to explore the color, shape and rhythm of nature, as part of the human experience, using water color on paper, and acrylic on canvas and more recently, on wood panel.

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